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R. Paul Stevens: God Does Not Have a Wonderful Plan for Your Life (DVD)
Speaker R. Paul Stevens
Publisher Vocatio Creation Ltd
Release Date Aug 2010
Format DVD
Language English (with Cantonese translation)
No. of Discs 1
Run Time 66 minutes
ISBN 978-988-99601-6-2
List Price HK$120.00
Special Price HK$100.00   Download Order Form

Product Description

God Does Not have a Wonderful Plan for Your Life

In today・s world most people are in fairly continuous vocational transition. Vocational decision-making is then not a once-for-all event but a lifetime process. In such a mobile society the heart of vocational living is a continuous process of discerning God・s purpose.

But for some Christians, concern :to be in the center of God・s will; leads to guidance anxiety. A plan, like a blueprint, is something that we must follow in slavish detail. But God does not have a wonderful plan for our life. He has something far better V a wonderful purpose! A purpose is like a fast-flowing stream that carries a boat along, within which life is full of decisions, adjustments, redirections, mistakes and even second chances.

And God・s purpose is not hard to find. Guidance is essentially a pagan concept. What Scripture offers is far better than guidance; it offers the Guide. The Bible is more concerned with our relationship to the Guide than our being in :the center of His will,; a concept not actually found in the Bible. Lacking signs and supernatural direction, Christians can still confidently move forward in their lives for good reason V if they are prepared to engage in a lifetime journey of discerning God・s calling.

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About Speaker

R. Paul Stevens is Professor Emeritus of Marketplace Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, BC. Paul has been a pastor for 20 years, a student counselor with IVCF and a businessperson. From 1999 until 2005 Paul was the David J. Brown Family Professor of Marketplace Theology and Leadership at Regent College. His mission is to empower ordinary people to integrate their faith and life from Monday to Sunday. He does this through teaching, coaching, advocating and writing.