Gordon T. Smith
Marketplace Spirituality Seminar (Jan 2012)

Dr. Hwa Yung
Marketplace Lecture
(Jan 2011)

Gordon T. Smith
Vocational Discernment Seminar (Oct 2010)

R. Paul Stevens
God Does Not Have a Wonderful Plan for Your Life
(May 2010)

(Mar 2010)
(Apr 2010)

Christopher J. H. Wright
Walking in the Ways of the Lord (Sept 2009)

Simon C. Holt
The Chef, The Theologian, God at Work (Jun-Jul 2009)

(Feb 2009)
(Mar 2009)

Dennis P. McCann
The Ten Commandments for Workplace Excellence (Jun 2008)

Gordon T. Smith
Conversion and Transformation (Oct 2008)

R. Paul Stevens
Vocational Discernment Retreat (Nov 2008)

Ministry and Spirituality
(Feb 2008)

Doing God's Business
(Dec 2007)

- Weekend Intensive
- Open Lecture

Regent College
Humanising the Market
(Apr 2007)

(Jul 2007)