Rev. Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright
Walking in the Ways of the Lord:
Old Testament Ethics for the Church and the Marketplace

Offered by Vocatio Creation, St. Andrew・s Church & Evangelical Community Church in partnership with Langham Foundation Hong Kong & HKPES
September 18-20, 2009
(Conducted in English only)

About Chris Wright

PhD, University of Cambridge
International Director, Langham Partnership International

Chris Wright :has been one of the most significant writers on Old Testament ethics over recent decades.; He holds a PhD in Old Testament economic ethics from Cambridge and was ordained in the Anglican Church of England. He has pastored a local parish church, taught for five years at Union Biblical Seminary in India, and then returned to serve as academic dean and subsequently principal at All Nations Christian College in London, an international training centre for cross-cultural mission. In 2001 he was appointed to his present role as International Director of the Langham Partnership International, a group of ministries founded by John Stott and committed to leadership development for the church in the Majority World. Chris has a passion to bring to life the relevance of the Old Testament to Christian ethics and mission. His has authored two commentaries on Deuteronomy and Ezekiel, and over a dozen books including Old Testament Ethics for the People of God, God・s People in God・s Land, Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament and The Mission of God. Besides being the Chair of the Theological Resource Panel of Tear Fund, Chris is the Chair of Lausanne・s Theology Working Group which is involved in preparing the third Lausanne congress in Cape Town in 2010. Chris is also the designated Bible expositor for CCCOWE 2011.

Program Description

Sep 18 (Fri)

Open Lecture

Moral Society Thus Moral Man:
Reshaping Marketplace Ethics from an Old Testament Perspective

Today Christian ethics tends to begin at the personal level and work outwards. Our emphasis is to persuade people to live a certain kind of life according to this and that moral standard. If enough individuals live up to such-and-such a morality, then, almost as a by-product, society itself will be improved or at least maintained as a healthy, happy, safe environment for individuals to pursue their personal goodness. But we will have to undergo a complete reorientation in our habitual pattern of ethical thinking if we really want to take the Old Testament seriously and to transform the marketplace for the glory of God. The Old Testament looks at the question of ethics just the other way round, tending to emphasize social ethics over personal ethics: that is the kind of society that God wants, what kind of person we must be?

Sep 19 (Sat)
Sep 20 (Sun)


Weekend Intensive

Old Testament Ethics for the Church and the Marketplace

Some Christians distinguish the moral laws in the Old Testament (which must be obeyed) from the ceremonial and civil laws (which may be disregarded). Others prefer a strictly New Testament ethic. Neither option, argues Chris Wright, does justice to the Old Testament as an essential part of our Bible. In this intensive, Chris Wright will develop for us a comprehensive alternative. First, he will propose a theological, social and economic framework for Old Testament ethics. Then, using this threefold framework, he will explore a variety of ethical issues in relation to the contemporary church, marketplace and economics.


St Andrew・s Church, 138 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

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Language Requirement

The program will be offered in English only. Participants should be sufficiently proficient in English for graduate theological education.

Who Should Attend?

  1. Pastors, teachers and leaders of the church who wish to gain fresh theological insight on the authority and the relevance of the Old Testament to Christian ethics and modern ethical issues.
  2. Leaders in the political, business, professional, and education arenas who wish to apply Old Testament Scripture to think Christianity about the social and economic dimensions of their life in the marketplace.

What Can I Expect from These Events?

Participants can expect to be stimulated and challenged by clear, fresh, dynamic presentations on Old Testament ethics from a distinguished scholar based on his thirty years of reflection and study on this subject. Chris Wright will discuss with audience modern ethical issues significant to the church and the marketplace. Participants will come to a remarkably comprehensive understanding of a theological, social and economic framework for exploring the authority and relevance of the Old Testament to Christian ethics within an evangelical tradition. Throughout these events will seek to bridge the gap between the best biblical reflection and the most real practice in business, education, social welfare, and government in order to help develop a genuinely fresh biblical approach to the public arena.


Participants of the Weekend Intensive are requested to read indicated sections from Chris Wright, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God (Leicester, IVP, 2003) preferably before coming to the class. Book order service is available (see Registration Form). Ordered book can be collected at HKPES office (5A, Eader Centre, 39-41 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon; Tel: 2314-3331).

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Open Lecture

Weekend Intensive

Open Lecture

Weekend Intensive






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